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Dr. Howard Marans Announces Vitals Profile

Dr. Howard Marans, an orthopedic surgeon with over 30 years of experience practicing medicine, is announcing the establishment of his profile on Vitals.

(Newswire.net -- September 16, 2015) Fountain Valley , California -- An experienced orthopedic surgeon who has been practicing medicine for over 30 years, Dr. Howard Marans is now announcing the establishment of a Vitals profile that provides an overview of the doctor’s credentials and specialties. Vitals also offers an additional forum in which patients can leave feedback regarding their experience or view the feedback left by others. The profile also provides a great deal of other relevant information regarding the surgeon’s offices and contact information, making the establishment of the profile exceptionally valuable for patients seeking expert orthopedic care.


The new profile is active and can be seen at http://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Howard_Marans.html. The active profile already includes several detailed reviews describing the specific type of treatment received from the doctor along with the outcome of the treatment or surgical procedure. In addition to offering patients access to this important information, the profile also provides details regarding the surgeon’s education, certifications and affiliations, allowing patients to have a deep understanding of their doctor’s background when seeking the kind of treatment that requires a significant level of expertise.


Through the establishment of this new profile, Dr. Howard Marans has again enhanced his accessibility while also continuing to offer an exceptional level of transparency relating to his medical practice. In addition to the Vitals profile, the orthopedic surgeon is also featured in the Health section of U.S. News & World Report and in the directory that is accessible through WebMD. The U.S. News & World Report page, which can be seen at http://health.usnews.com/doctors/howard-marans-851011, provides an overview of the surgeon’s experience, specialties and qualifications, while the WebMD page that can be found at http://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/howard-marans-md-638f8765-66c7-4a13-ac1f-f2cc8b16a29e-overview offers similar information but adds practical details such as accepted insurers, along with yet another forum in which patients are able to leave feedback and view the feedback of others.


About Dr. Howard Marans


Dr. Howard Marans is an orthopedic surgeon with over 30 years of experience in the field of medicine. A graduate of University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, the California doctor is affiliated with several Fountain Valley-area hospitals that include the Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center and the Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center.


Dr. Howard Marans

11190 Warner Ave Ste. 306

Fountain Valley , California 92708

United States

+1 714-979-8981


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Meir Ezra: How to Guarantee Your Success

"In life, the only real guarantee of survival is abundance."

-- L. Ron Hubbard from Self Analysis


For example, George needs $3000 per month to pay his bills and he EARNS that same amount from his job: $3000 per month. As a result, George is stressed and at risk. He cannot guarantee that he'll have $3000 to pay his bills every month.


He may get sick and miss work for a week. His company may ask him to reduce his hours. He may have forgotten about his tax bill and actually needs $3500 per month.


Donna also needs $3000 per month, but before she allowed her monthly needs to grow to $3000 per month, she figured out how to EARN $8000 per month. If she misses a week of work or needs to give her sister an emergency loan, she can do it.


Even though she can afford a fancier APARTMENT or a new car, she keeps her monthly needs at $3000 per month. When it comes to money, she is relaxed and confident. Her chances of survival are much better than George's.


Meir Ezra The greater your abundance, the more likely your success is guaranteed.


More Examples


Salesman Pete needs to sell 10 cars per week to keep his favorite work shift. He plans on how to sell 30 cars per week. By working hard to sell 30, he always gets at least 10.


Executive Chris absolutely needs to be in for a meeting tomorrow morning. She makes a flight reservation on two different airlines. She has no stress when driving to the airport. As soon as she takes off with her first flight, her assistant CANCELS the extra flight.


Computer programmer Nick loses a full day of production when his old COMPUTER CRASHES and burns out forever. To increase his chances of success, he buys two identical computers. He installs his software programs on both computers. He keeps his files synchronized so if one computer ever fails, his production never stops.


Marci wants to get married, but after breaking up with the first boyfriend last year and breaking up with the second boyfriend this year, she decides to make a change. Instead of going out with just one fellow at a time, she decides to form friendships with five gentlemen. Within a few months, Marci is engaged to be married.


If you need one job, APPLY for 10. If you want to find the perfect house, go look at 25 houses. If you want to lose 10 pounds, dedicate yourself to lose 30 pounds.


If you want a stable CAREER, learn twice as many skills as you need. If you need three hours for an important project, schedule five hours. If you need one great assistant, hire three Entrepreneur.


"In life, the only real guarantee of survival is abundance."

-- L. Ron Hubbard